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SiGenix is a multi disciplined engineering solutions provider; dedicated to enhancing the customer's speed-to-market, product quality and profitability. The company concentrates on two strategic business segments:

SiGenix Engineering Services
SiGenix Ventures

Our innovative problem-solving approach and focus on customer needs has earned SiGenix long term relationships with many successful technology firms.

Solutions Overview

  • A combined 60 years of hardware and software experience in diverse applications

  • Complete product development, from capturing requirements to system testing

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Services Overview

SiGenix was established in 2004 as a new electronics services company dedicated to delivering quality hardware and software solutions to electronics companies in Western Pennsylvania. We now have expanded our reach to the Washington DC Metro Area. Key individuals with diverse engineering experiences were hired to enhance the capabilities of the company. These individuals provide SiGenix with expertise in many areas including medical devices and the transit industry. In our ever changing economy, SiGenix continues to provide efficient, quality services in a timely manner. SiGenix Engineering Services focuses on hardware, software and mechanical packaging for a variety of industries. Our mission is to be a product development firm that provides external engineering services to successful companies and other technology innovators. This allows our customers to become more efficient in their product development cycle, which enables them to get to market quicker. Our engineering services have created successful products in the medical, defense, industrial and commercial markets.

  • Specification Generation
  • Trade-off Studies
  • Detailed Design
  • Prototype Development
  • Test against Specification
  • Design Iteration and Retest
  • Document Development
  • Final Design Review


SiGenix has partnered with some of the largest technology companies in Western Pennsylvania. Read about their experiences with SiGenix

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