FRIDAY, August 18, 2011 12:00

SiGenix Design Process

The SiGenix design process enables the customer to receive the desired end product on schedule and within budget. We operate as an extension of your engineering design team. This close relationship results in the creation of products that make our customers successful.

SiGenix Software

SiGenix embedded software engineers are experts in system design. Our trade-off studies between hardware and software provide the best balance of cost and performance. With experience in all major microprocessor families, we can ensure the optimum processor choices.

SiGenix is well-versed in designing and developing communications protocols. These capabilities include skills to reverse engineer proprietary protocols that allow for the addition of functionality or the redesign of legacy hardware.

Our skills include:

  • C++, C, Assembler
  • Debuggers and Emulators
  • Peripheral Drivers
  • Embedded Communications
  • Data Acquisition
  • Digital Motor Control
  • DSP Algorithms

  • Our PC software engineers are experts in all aspects of development from simple applications to shrink-wrap client/server products functionality or the redesign of legacy hardware.

    Our skills include:

  • Visual
  • Visual Studio 6
  • C, C++, Visual Basic, Java
  • COM, Active X, ADO/ODBC
  • Database Design
  • Install Shield/Wise Installations
  • QNX, VRTX, DOS, UNIX/Linux, OS9
  • TCP/IP, RS232, RS422, RS485, USB
  • SiGenix Hardware

    The SiGenix total approach to hardware development balances innovation, cost and schedule to afford our customer a design that is easy to manufacture, test and upgrade.

    Our skills include:

  • Microprocessor Design
  • DSP Design
  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Motor Control
  • Microprocessor Communication
  • Analog Circuit Design

  • SiGenix engineers have experience with all major CPLD and FPGA product lines. From simple state machines to high performance DSP, from reimplementation of legacy hardware to rapid prototyping of new products, we can provide the programming logic solution.

    Our designs feature:

  • Cost & PCB Size Reduction
  • In-Circuit Programming
  • VHDL, Verilog or Schematic Entry
  • Complete Simulation

  • The SiGenix Hardware Team possesses diversity of skill, which gives us a competitive advantage over our contemporaries.

    The SiGenix Hardware Team can provide a well planned, cost effective hardware solution to meet any requirement. Our total approach to hardware development ensures our customer a design that is easy to manufacture and test, as well as to upgrade.