FRIDAY, August 18, 2011 12:00


As the R62 ECAM project heads into Dynamic Testing at NYCT, I would like to thank SiGenix for all the excellent work you have provided to make this project successful. The software development for R62 ECAM was completed on-time to meet the tight customer schedule and milestone requirements. Currently, the new ECAM system is operating as intended, cars are moving on the test track and most importantly, the HiDAC PCB hardware/software is stable. With the help of Sigenix, we were able to increase the 72-Hour Burn-In yield from less than 40% to 100%. SiGenix has done an outstanding job supporting Power-Lab Qualification and Routine Shop testing to resolve issues. You were very quick and efficient at making software adjustments and/or changes as needed, trouble shooting all the hardware related issues with the HiDAC board and HiDAC testing equipment, such as the Burn-In Test Fixture, external DAC interface elimination. The Bombardier ECAM team appreciates your continued support and look forward to using your services in the future.
Jason Thomas, Lead Engineer,

The best part about working with SiGenix is that when you hire SiGenix, you are hiring a teammate. As is the case with many contractors, it is too often customer/seller or employer/employee and the relationship is sometimes adversarial. With SiGenix there is never a concern over contractual agreements or up-front requirements to haggle over. They are always willing to work with you to do whatever it takes to make everyone happy. SiGenix delivers high quality products and services. SiGenix has been a pleasure to work with and the results we are getting as we work together are phenomenal.
Bill Truschel,
Respironics Inc.

SiGenix has put together an all star cast; employing some of the finest product development engineers in the area. This group is the perfect blend of system, software, hardware, compliance and packaging professionals. Their inherent understanding of medical device regulatory compliance is imperative to getting the design right from square one. They are conscious and caring when it comes to development timelines, focusing heavily on key milestones that will ultimately bring success. Three words best describes this team: competent, caring and fun. ALung Technologies is privileged to be in a relationship with SiGenix.
John Liston,
ALung Technologies, Inc.

In 2005, Renal Solutions recruited SiGenix to take a lead role behind system software development of the cost reduced Sorbent Based Hemodialysis System (an invasive medical device). The selection process was narrowed down to SiGenix because, ... SiGenix has assembled a core team of professionals, highly skilled in the development of electronics and medical devices. Throughout our partnership on this initiative, the SiGenix Team has continued to demonstrate that they are a nimble, flexible organization with a high degree of creativity, dedication and technical skills.
John J. Maholtz,
Renal Solutions Inc.

Benshaw's product development team was faced with bringing a completely redesigned product to the market with a very aggressive schedule. The product incorporates two different complex cards with microcontrollers that must communicate to each other and operate in tandem, as well as various other support cards. Given our finite resources, we contracted SiGenix to develop one of the microcontroller cards. We chose SiGenix because of their knowledgeable and experienced engineers and because they were willing to work with us as an extension of our product development team. SiGenix accepted our aggressive schedule and developed the microcontroller card, as well as the software to run the card. Without SiGenix working closely with our engineers, we would not be able to meet our time to market goals.
Arthur James,
Curtiss Wright

McKesson Automated Healthcare (MAH) faced a grave situation. The manufacturing of our Accudose product depended on a third party supplier that charged an outrageous sum for their technology. As our market continued to get more competitive, we needed a lower cost solution that would allow us to control manufacturing costs, while still being backward compatible to the existing third party equipment. SiGenix took control of the problem by reverse engineering the communications protocol, and developing the software and hardware that allowed us to control the manufacturing. In less than one year, the Accudose product has been upgraded with MAH owned hardware at a greatly reduced cost of manufacturing. Currently, Sigenix provides MAH with enhancements and cost reductions using a suggestions program they initiated. We are committed to our relationship with Sigenix.
Kirk Young, Electronics Engineering Manager,
McKesson Automated Healthcare